City Attorney


The City Attorney represents the City of Maumelle. This includes representation of the City Council, the Planning Commission, the Civil Service Commission, and any other boards or commissions as directed by the Mayor or Council. As a function of that representation, the City Attorney drafts a variety of documents that are necessary for the proper conduct of the city's business, including deeds, contracts, bonds, notes, ordinances, resolutions, and any other associated documents. The City Attorney also advises the Mayor, the City Council, and other City officers, directors, or employees on all legal issues pertaining to city business or public matters.

The office of the City Attorney is also responsible for enforcement and prosecution of city code violations and misdemeanor violations which occur within the city limits. The City Attorney defends or coordinates the defense of claims against the city, including, but not limited to all civil service or civil rights claims and asserts any claims on behalf of the city arising against other parties or entities. The City Attorney may also perform other functions as directed by the Mayor or City Council from time to time.

Questions / Concerns

Calls from Maumelle citizens or others concerning the application of law on a particular issue arising in the City and concerning the city are answered quickly and as fully as possible. If you have a legal question concerning the City of Maumelle, please contact the City Attorney's office at 501-851-2500.