Animal Services

Responsibilities & Overview

The Department of Animal Services is responsible for enforcing the animal control ordinance, apprehending stray and nuisance animals, resolving animal complaints, and ensuring that Maumelle’s pet owners abide by local and state animal laws. Additionally, Animal Services staff maintains the shelter facility and grounds. The Department maintains professional relations with local, county, and state law enforcement agencies as well as with veterinarians and other animal care and control agencies throughout the state and country.


Animal Services is involved in promoting citizen volunteerism as a means to encourage positive public relations. Two notable achievements as a result of increased volunteer help have been the facilitation of the Dog Park and the implementation of Arkansas’ first shelter-based spay/neuter program for adoptable stray and abandoned animals.

Whether you have a little spare time or have a place in your home to provide temporary foster care for a cat or a dog, we need you! 

License Fees

A license fee of $30 is required for unsterilized dogs or cats and $5 for sterilized dogs or cats is required in the City of Maumelle. City License’s must be renewed on a yearly basis. Residents can register/renew their pet license(s) at Maumelle Animal Services, 425 Cogdell Drive, or call 501-851-6219 if you have questions.