Sanitation Collection

The Sanitation Department is responsible for the weekly collection of garbage, yard waste, and recyclables. In 2009, this department had collected and disposed of approximately 13,100 cubic yards of household wastes and 4,750 cubic yards of compacted yard waste from curb-side collection. The Maumelle Transfer Station collected 4,920 cubic yards of solid waste and 1,880 cubic yards of green waste in 2009. Our Sanitation Department recently purchased two fully automated trucks in 2009 and implemented fully automated solid waste collection in February 2010. 

Maumelle trash truckWe currently have 15 employees in this department. We provide weekly collection for our residents for household solid waste, yard waste and recyclables. We schedule our collection routes by neighborhoods. Please look at our route schedule (PDF) to find your scheduled day. We provide sanitation carts for household solid waste, recycle bins for curbside recycling, and yard waste must be bagged, bundled and tied.