Green Stations

Green Stations: Formerly known as Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers

Residents may dispose of used oil, used gasoline, used antifreeze, fluorescent bulbs (4-foot or less) for no charge at the Pulaski County Green Station located in Maumelle at 423 Cogdell Drive. The Green Station is located inside The City of Maumelle’s Recycling Collection Center & Transfer Station.

The Regional Recycling and Waste Reduction District works with Pulaski County jurisdictions in the areas of garbage and yard waste collection, composting, recycling, tires, and household chemicals. The cities and the County provide their own services, but use a regional approach to achieve system efficiencies through contract negotiation and administration. They now offer 6 green stations for the collection of the materials listed below. No other materials will be accepted.

Pulaski County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers changed their name to Green Stations due to the change of only accepting hazardous products that can be recycled.

More Information can be found at the Regional Recycling and Waste Reduction District website.

Items Accepted at the Green Stations

All green stations will only accept quantities of the following items:

  • Used Oil
  • Used Gasoline
  • Used Anti-freeze
  • 4' Fluorescent lights
  • Compact Fluorescent lights (CFLs)
  • Pesticides
  • Insecticides
  • Herbicides
  • Fertilizer
  • Empty Aerosol Cans

No other materials will be accepted.

No materials will be accepted from Businesses, Churches, Schools or Governmental Operations.

All sites are monitored and illegal dumping will result in prosecution.

Helpful Hints

  • Remove the spray button from spray containers and place in regular trash.
  • Place used needles in a dish washing liquid bottle; tape the top and place in regular trash.
  • Add sand, sawdust, cat litter or waste paint hardener to paint products; let air dry then dispose of at Transfer Station.

Items Not Accepted at the Recycling Centers / Transfer Station

The following items are not accepted at the Maumelle Recycling Collection Center and Transfer Station or at the Regional Recycling and Waste Reduction District collection sites:

Tire Disposal

The City of Maumelle does not accept tires but you may take them to Davis Rubber Company for disposal. You may turn in up to four passenger or light truck tires (under 19”) per day for free. There is a $4 fee for each tire over four in a day or for larger truck tires.

Davis Rubber Company                
1600 E. 15th Street,
Little Rock
Phone: 501- 374-2166


Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Maumelle Exxon
119 Carnahan Drive
Maumelle, AR 72113
Phone: 501-851-0555