Drop Off Recycling

The city's drop off recycling facility is located at 423 Cogdell  Drive. The "remodeled" Maumelle Recycling Drop Off Collection Center and  Transfer Station opened in December 2010. Our Household Chemical  Recycling Trailer opened on May 6, 2011. We are now bailing cardboard,  aluminum cans and plastics, which saves time and money by cutting down  our "hauling times".

Our end goal is to provide the residents of Maumelle a better and  more efficient Transfer Station. When dropping off your recyclables at  the collection center, please keep in mind that in order to be cost  effective and to generate the most revenue to offset expenses, while  continuing to keep unnecessary waste out of the landfill, items must be sorted.  You may find it easier to sort at home prior to drop off or you are  always welcome to sort on site. Please use the guide below to aid in  correct placement of you recyclable items. Signs are also on the  containers.

Accepted Items

Acceptable Recycling Items for Drop Off at the Maumelle Recycling Collection Center