Citizens Fire Academy

The Citizens’ Fire Academy is a free, eight-week program designed to give community members an overview of how their local fire department operates, with lots of hands-on participation.  

Our Mission

The purpose of the Citizens’ Academy is not to train an individual to be a firefighter but to produce informed citizens.   Our goal is to build a closer bond with our community members.

General Information

Participants will meet once a week, on Monday evenings. Topics will include fire department operations, specialty teams and education, station tours, auto extrication.  The course is designed not only to inform what the fire department does and why, but to also give practical safety knowledge.

Applicants must be 21 years old, live in the City of Maumelle.

Maumelle Fire Rescue’s Citizens’ Fire Academy is a great opportunity for individuals that reside in the City of Maumelle to learn more about their fire department.


Please check back for updates and upcoming dates for Fire Academy. 

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