No Solicitation List Registration

In the City of Maumelle you are required to have a solicitor's permit if you are soliciting by way of person to person contact upon a private residence. Minors and religious organizations are exempt from this requirement. Maumelle residents have the option of putting their address on the "Maumelle No Solicitation List". All approved solicitors must refer to this list regularly when soliciting in Maumelle. 

If you are on the "Maumelle No Solicitation List" and a solicitor violates this, please contact the Maumelle Police Department at (501) 851-1337.

  1. Ariel Smith

    Deputy City Clerk
    Phone: 501-851-2500

Fees for Solicitor Permit

All permits have a fee of $6.75 per person for background checks.
Natural Persons Corporations, Partnerships, etc Maumelle Resident
$50 per year $500 per year No Fee