Residential Household Solid Waste Pickup

Guidelines for Residential Household Solid Waste Pickup

The city provides each household with one 95-gallon cart and weekly fully automated curbside collection service. Additional carts are available for a fee by calling 501-851-2888. The 2nd cart requested is an additional $5.00 a month. Any additional carts beyond the first two are billed at $3.50 a month. The wheeled carts are weather resistant and easy to maneuver, with tight-fitting lids that reduce problems with animals and other pests.

Carts must be set out for collection by 7 a.m. on collection day, or after 5 p.m. the previous night. After collection, carts must be removed from the curb before 7 a.m. the following day and stored in a convenient place at your house.

The following specifications must be met in order for no interruption in you sanitation services.  We will come back at your request for a $10.00 return trip fee.

  1. Place cart materials at least 3 feet from the fence, mailbox and any other obstructions. If you have more than one cart, they must be at least 3 feet apart.
  2. Place all garbage inside cart for collection. Excess materials outside of the cart will not be collected.
  3. Place the cart within 2 feet of the street edge so that the handle is facing away from the street.
  4. Do not place cart directly underneath tree limbs or overhead object for safety reasons.
  5. Building materials, construction debris, automobile parts, paint, household chemicals, medical waster, used oil & tires cannot be placed in carts.
  6. Overfilled carts will not be collected.  Please do not attach any bungee cords or straps to keep the lid close. We will not be able to dump your cart if the lid is strapped shut.
  7. Park all vehicles allowing room for sanitation truck on your scheduled collection(s) day. Please be courteous of your neighbors allowing room and not blocking for collection of their cart as well.

Only typical household garbage goes into the cart. The garbage must be placed in plastic bags and sealed to prevent litter and to help keep your cart clean. Any garbage outside the trash cart will not be collected. Ordinance number 584- Sec. 62.1, “Only items placed within the authorized Maumelle Container will be collected. Additional cans or bags separate from the authorized container will not be collected.” Your options are to take it to the transfer station during operating hours, wait until the next collection day, or schedule a special collection by calling 501-851-2888. Please see below for details.

Do not put yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves, or tree trimmings in the cart. Those items will be picked up by a different crew on the scheduled yard waste collection days. Do not put lumber, shingles, rocks, dirt, and other household building debris in the cart. These items can be scheduled for collection by calling Public Works at 501-851-2888. Do not place hot coals from your barbecue grill in the garbage cart. It’s a tough cart, but it’s no barbecue grill and it could melt or catch on fire

If you have any questions regarding service, call 501-851-2888