Special Projects Summary

State of Special Projects

Special Projects continues to work on three grants.  The City received a grant for the Edgewood Sidewalks project, and the project is awaiting approval of the final design. The City has applied for another grant - Edgewood Sidewalks Phase Two. If approved, this new grant will complete the sidewalk connections around the Charter School, Pine Forest Elementary School, Maumelle Library and the Beth Rutledge Tennis Courts. These two grants will improve connectivity to all the walk trails around the City Center. Work is continuing on Phase Three of the Wetland Trail. This phase will be south of Maumelle Middle School. The trail will be 2950 linear feet and will include a pier to allow collection of water samples and wildlife viewing.

The Special Projects Manager continues to represent the City on the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Board, the Regional Planning and Advisory Council (RPAC), and at the North Little Rock Wastewater Utility Board meetings. The PACE and RPAC meetings in January and February will determine which items will be addressed in 2018.

Special Projects is responsible for the maintenance of the City Hall building. This includes managing the janitors, who clean City Hall, the Public Works building, and the Police Station.            

2013 Bond Projects  

Counts Massie Extension – The roadway extension is complete. The water and sewer construction project for this area should be completed by the end of March 2018.  

Crystal Hill Road Project - The design is complete but the right of way acquisitions is continuing to delay the construction phase of the project.

2015 Bond Projects    

City Hall Project – Selection of an architect will be made in the Spring/Summer 2018 to develop a set of construction plans.

Other Major Projects

I-40 Interchange Project    

The engineering design plans are being done at this time; a 90% submittal of the plans was sent to the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department in December 2017.