Human Resources Summary

State of Human Resources

In July 2017, the City hired a new director of the Human Resources (HR) Department – Jared Azzone.  Jared took on the role vacated by the retirement of the previous director, Vernon James.  The new director joined HR Specialist Reuah Hilton to bring the HR Department back to full strength and to provide continued support and service to each of the City’s employees.

In 2017, Human Resources was able to maintain all employee benefits plans without any major adjustments.  Employee benefits such as Health, Dental, Vision, Long Term Disability, Life and AD&D saw no increases in premiums for the 2017 benefit year.

Employee Benefits & Health Fair & Employee Appreciation Day

The ninth annual Employee Appreciation Day was combined in 2017 with the annual Employee Health and Benefits Fair. This combination event was held on November 2 at the Jess Odom Community Center and was a great success.

During the Employee Health and Benefits Fair, we were grateful to have 14 exhibitors, who offered a wide range of services for our employees to explore.  The exhibitors ranged from our primary health benefits providers all the way to personal finance, wellness and future planning.  There was a free breakfast, provided by American Fidelity and served by volunteers from Counting on Each Other.

During the Employee Appreciation Lunch, the City of Maumelle recognized 20 full-time employees for their years of service.  Thanks goes to Bank of the Ozarks for providing the food for the event.  The mayor presented certificates or plaques to each recipient based on the number of years of service, and each individual recognized was able to select a personal gift, also presented at the event.  Mayor Mike Watson received recognition for 10 years of service to the City of Maumelle.  The 2017 employee recipients were as follows:

5 Year Employees –
Brock Waldo, Andrew Garber, Casey Canady - Police Department
Nathan Crockett – Fire Department
David Bryant – Public Works

10 Year Employees –
Tyler Castleberry - Fire Department
Jennifer Corriveau – Public Works
Kyle Tyler – Parks and Recreation
Tawana Fox – Senior Services

15 Year Employees –
Nicole Vogler – Senior Services
Adam Swalls, Michael Cossey – Fire Department
Dustin Ivey, Chris Lester, Matt Talley – Police Department
Laboya Walker – Public Works
Judy Keller – Community and Economic Development

20 Year Employees –
Chris Collins - Sanitation

25 Year Employees –
Gordon Borst – Parks and Recreation
David Collins – Police Department

Civil Service Commission

The HR Department is charged with providing staff support for the Maumelle Civil Service Commission. One of the main responsibilities in this support role is to prepare and administer the Commission’s entry level and promotional examinations. This includes providing public notice of entry level police and fire exams and internal notice of promotional exams; administering and scoring examinations; ranking the candidates; and preparing the final candidate lists for certification by the Commission.  In January 2017, HR administered promotional exams for Police Sergeant and Lieutenant and for Fire Engineer, Captain and Battalion Chief. In March 2017, HR received 23 applications for entry-level police officer.  In August 2017, HR received an additional 39 applications for entry-level police officer.  In October 2017, HR received 44 applications for entry-level police officer and 72 applications for entry-level fire fighter.

Mission and Vision

In 2012, the Human Resources Department established a Mission and a Vision.  Those statements remained a priority throughout 2017. The Mission of the Human Resources Department is to help City departments attract, motivate, retain, manage, and develop qualified and productive employees. The Vision of the Human Resources Department is that each City department will have personnel who are professional, courteous, and motivated in the manner in which they carry out their responsibilities.