Fire Department Summary

State of the Fire Department

The Maumelle Fire Department continues to work hard to provide the best possible service to the community. In doing so, we pride ourselves in providing not only EMS and suppression services, but also top-notch Fire Prevention, Code Enforcement, and Fire Education to our citizens.

Elementary Education

Fire Department Elementary Education was once again conducted through the fire department’s Survival Kids program at Pine Forest Elementary School and Maumelle Charter Elementary School, where fourth graders are taught not only fire safety, but bicycle safety, stranger awareness and home safety, as well as other safety related subjects. For the year 2017, Maumelle Fire Department personnel conducted 218 business inspections within the City of Maumelle, resulting in the correcting of 88 code violations. With the addition of the position of Deputy Fire Marshal, Deputy Fire Marshal Tim Bullard was able to update all major industries within Maumelle with new pre-fire plans for the department.

Emergency Responses

The total number of responses for 2017 was 1,687. Medical emergencies, traumatic injuries and medical assists made up the largest percentage of emergency runs at 60 percent, which is consistent with recent history. The total for all EMS runs, including the above listed categories plus vehicles accidents and extrications was 1,150 or 68 percent. Fire response consisted of 62 calls in 2017, with 12 structure fire calls, and a total dollar loss of $111,102.

Employee Training

The Maumelle Fire Department continued to seek state of the art training for personnel in 2017. Battalion Chief Scott Eaton is set to graduate the Executive Fire Officer Program in Emmetsburg, Maryland, upon submitting his final research paper. He recently returned from a year of service to his country with the Arkansas National Guard in Africa. Deputy Fire Marshal Tim Bullard was sworn in as a certified law enforcement officer in September 2017 by District Judge Rita Bailey, having completed his training at Pulaski Tech. Five Maumelle Fire Department members are a part of Arkansas Task Force I and will respond anywhere they are needed in the United States, if called upon for assistance. Battalion Chief Shane Holmes and Captain Michael Cossey, who served the citizens of Maumelle as a Temporary Battalion Chief in 2017, continue to share their experience and knowledge with firefighter students at the Arkansas Training Academy in Camden, Arkansas. Education for fire department personnel is a high priority and an ongoing process to provide the citizens of Maumelle with one of the highest trained and educated fire departments in the State of Arkansas.


The Maumelle Fire Department received a FEMA AFG (Assistance to Firefighters Grant) for $11,905.00 from the Federal Government in 2017 for the purchase of FIT testing equipment for fire department personnel. This equipment will be placed in service during the month of February and will assure that our firefighters’ masks are the correct fit for each individual and will ensure that they will be safer, wearing a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), when entering a hazardous atmosphere.

New pierce engine

The new Pierce Engine for Station 1 is due for delivery to the City of Maumelle Fire Department within the next couple of months. This apparatus will replace the 1990 LTI Ladder truck and place the 2006 Smeal Engine in reserve status in the event there is a maintenance issue with a front line or first due apparatus.

The Maumelle Fire Department would like to thank Mayor Mike Watson, the entire City Council, and the citizens of Maumelle for their continued support, and we look forward to continuing to provide the best possible service to this great city in 2018.