Finance Department Summary

State of the Finance Department

The City hired Shannon Vega, CPA, as the new Finance Director in July 2017.  At this time, the finance department is fully staffed.  We are working on streamlining tasks to run the department effectively and efficiently.

Community Service Fees

The City’s community service and sanitation fees will be added to Central Arkansas Water billing.  One invoice for all services will make it easier on our citizens to pay from one invoice, instead of multiple invoices.  We also expect our delinquent accounts to be reduced, as CAW will turn off water for non-payment.

Purchase orders

We are improving the Purchase Order process by streamlining processes and increasing internal controls.  In 2017, we improved the Accounts Payable process by eliminating steps, without sacrificing internal control.  We will continue to evaluate processes in the accounting department for more efficiencies and risk reduction.


Every position in the accounting department is continuing to create the desk procedures for their positions and cross-train within the department.  The desk procedures and cross training are essential to running the department when staff are out of the office.  The desk procedures will allow anyone to perform tasks by using the desk procedure for that task.