City Clerk's Office Summary

State of City Clerk’s Office

On October 3rd, 2016, Tina Timmons was appointed to the position of the City Clerk / Treasurer. At the time she was appointed the City had been without a Clerk/Treasurer for one month and a Finance Director and a Human Resource Director for several months. A Finance Director had been hired the same day as her appointment. The Finance Director and Ms. Timmons shared some of the duties of a Human Resource Director along with duties assumed by the Mayor.

After less than seven months of employment the Finance Director resigned. Ms. Timmons, as City Clerk/Treasurer took over most of the task of the Finance Director, which included supervising staff, paying taxes associated with payroll, pensions, and audit preparation. During this entire transition period, Ms. Timmons processed the payroll, city-wide purchasing, bid letting, and maintaining permanent records, which included contracts.

In January of 2017, a Deputy City Clerk was hired to assist with the administrative tasks associated with the Clerk’s office. The Deputy City Clerk assisted in the Finance Department by helping with the Accounts Payable, and being a back-up for the Receptionist.

In July of 2017, a new Finance Director was hired and she assumed the duties associated with the position. Within a month, a Human Resource Director was hired and the City is currently at full staff.

The Finance Director, and the City Clerk worked hard throughout 2017 to make sure that the clerk’s office and the finance department coordinated their efforts and worked together as a team.  In addition, best practices were sought and implemented in both departments.  As part of that effort, staff has been cross trained.

Ms. Timmons was able to obtain over 20 hours of continuing education towards her accreditation of becoming a certified municipal official during this transition period.  Looking ahead, the Clerk is hopeful to bring more technology to the administrative offices to help increase and maintain efficiency of services to our citizens. The City Clerk/Treasurer will always ensure a high level of integrity, and honesty in performance of all work duties.