City Attorney's Office Summary

State of City Attorney’s Office

In 2017, the City Attorney balanced his time between city hall and the police department, spending approximately three days a week at city hall and two days a week at the police department and district court. Additionally, the City Attorney was on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to provide assistance to law enforcement officers and other city personnel. The City Attorney prosecuted all misdemeanors, traffic violations, and ordinance violations in Maumelle District Court, which resulted in 2,671 dispositions. He also handled truancy matters for Pine Forest Elementary, Maumelle Middle School, and Maumelle High School.

Civil Cases

The City Attorney litigated or oversaw litigation in civil matters involving the City. No new civil litigation cases were filed against the City of Maumelle in 2017. Two cases remained in active litigation. Steven A. Mosley and Sheryl M. Mosley vs. City of Maumelle et al. (60CV-16-6845/4:17-cv-0500-KGB), which concerns the City’s attempts to enforce its fence ordinances, was removed from State Court to Federal Court. Martin Wainwright vs. City of Maumelle, et al. (60CV-16-3084) involves allegations that Mr. Wainwright received injuries while being transported by officers to the police department.

Legal Counsel

The City Attorney provided regular legal advice to the City Council, the mayor, and city employees and commissioners during regular office hours, in the context of regular meetings, and on an on-call basis. He also remained actively involved in the regular operations of the City, providing counsel on many real estate, planning, contractual, and policy matters. The City Attorney’s goal has always been to defend or pursue the interests of the City, as determined by the mayor and the City Council in such a way as to limit any financial exposure for the City of Maumelle and to achieve the goals of the City at large while protecting the rights of the citizenry.