Taxes & Fees

  1. Personal Property Tax
  2. Real Estate Tax
  3. Sales Tax
  4. Utility Franchise Fee

Personal Property Tax

Personal property taxes are levied against the appraised value of licensed vehicles. The current tax rate is 62.9 mils.
Unit Mils (one tenth of a penny)
Pulaski County Special School District
40.7 mils
City of Maumelle - General Fund
5.0 mils
Pulaski County - General Fund
5.0 mils
City of Maumelle - Road Fund
1.45 mils
Pulaski County - Road Fund
1.45 mils
Library Maintenance
2.1 mils
Capital Improvement Bonds
6.6 mils
Pulaski County Hospital
0.6 mils
Total 62.9 mils